Privacy Framework – the Data Protection Process in Education

How to comply with EU GDPR and national data protection laws and ensure that the fundamental rights around data privacy are fulfilled for every student? How can the school complete the data protection process in a cost effective way? We know the answers for these and many more questions around EDU Data and GDPR and we are here to help you! has clarified the laws and created a continuous Data Protection Process to enable schools to implement data protection laws. This process is called the Privacy Framework. In accordance with this Framework schools can take care of data protection step by step and guarantee a data protected learning environment for every student.

Download free Privacy Framework guide here >> 


We have created a free download high quality material for you to have a view how the Data Protection Process works in Schools. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Privacy Framework and how it works and which are the main subdivisions in the Data Protection Process.

Download the Privacy Framework guide and understand how Data protection works! Here >>

Are you ready to implement the data protection laws to your school, city or municipality? Let's take care of students' data privacy and the whole data protection process together! Contact us and let's talk more about your data protection and students' privacy.



Angelika Toivanen, Head of Marketing and Communications,